Questions and Answers​

Yes. Creators may freely access, create and share with, eternally.

Accounts and mass functionality will always remain free, with payment options including additional ability to:
1. Purchase matters from other creators (the order cost)
2. Donate to our Freedom Fund and/or to bring projects to life
3. Sell matters (5% sales fees and Freedom Fund contributions)
4. Promote (e.g. Pay others to watch, offer consensual viewing of ads)
5. Purchase additional services which require more resources, development or external costs

Everyone who chooses to create an account and live with is a creator of

Each choice we make is creative, effecting our experience and the experiences of others, effecting who we are and who we become.

We have potential and ability to consider and create with our thoughts, intentions, choices, words, agreements, matters and more.

After transparently paying for core system costs, any additional discretionary funds gained from paid services will be divided by all verified creators of and may be directed within one year by creators to any projects shared with Each creator’s profile will show a sense of projects funded with their share of’s discretionary funds.

We are creating ways of living more freely and consciously, with free access to matters and a clearer sense of connected matters.

We are creating free access to matters by empowering one-another with some free currency and by sharing some matters freely.

We are creating a clearer sense of matters by sharing, highlighting and reviewing what matters most to us, and by creating connections between matters.

When our community is strong enough for each of us to gain adequate free currency to live, then we will be free to do jobs for positive reasons including gaining more discretionary currency, gaining experience and supporting others, rather than needing to work for currency to live. Until then, some of us will remain forced to labour out of desperation to live and support other loved ones.

Free will will grow gradually as society advances and chooses to empower one-another with free will. Society will remain coercive until we choose to share enough freely.

When people have adequate free currency to live and are not bound with desperation, people are clearly able to consider more connections, choose better, and express more authentically.

People will continue to make exclusive choices and compromises, however these will be optional and will present positive preferences such as:
1. Visit Australia, instead of ………..
2. Learn about finance before ………..
3. Watch the matrix, instead of ………..
4. Sell for AU$ at this time, instead of ………..
5. Fund the creation of solar power instead of fossil fuels ………..

As well as being able to form and sense connections for a broader sense of matters, we’re also able to clarify priorities with highlights, and preferences with reviews, including reasoning.

When navigating matters, we can identify other creators and explore with sole consideration of connections, reviews and highlights shared by our chosen creators (curators).