Our Intention: Empower choice and enlighten our senses

Being Constructed

We will reward sellers for directing some of their sales here to our community generated Universal Income

We will sell to account creators of Freewill here and direct a share of these sales to our Freedom Fund

Sellers who direct a higher share of sales to our Freedom Fund will rank higher here, for more sales 

All creators can secure an equal share of our Freedom Fund every Sunday, as a Universal Income

Empowering one-another to live well beyond economic desperation and coersion is not impossible, but rather a done deal if we so choose

Freewill.vision is also designed for us to share a much broader and clearer sense of  community matters

Here are some matters we will share and each clarify with highlights, reviews and other connected-matters

We Will Highlight What Matters Most

This links matters to our profiles for easy access
This also increases the visibility of matters elsewhere

Like and Dislike Matters

This enables us to share reviews, with optional reasoning
This also enables us gain more sense of how we align with each other

Connect Matters to Share Intelligence

This links any matters to another matter’s profile for easier viewing
This makes it easier for us to expand our sense of matters and consideration

Navigate with Peers

Choose which creators to navigate with
Only sense the highlights, connections and reviews of chosen peers, for a clearer sense of their preferences and perspectives

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  • To access Freewill and by accessing Freewill you agree:
  • 1) You won't create more than one account and will only represent yourself, for equal voting rights and representation.
  • 2) If your account is verified, you will gain free access to an equal share of currency from our Freedom Fund and an equal virtual share of Freewill.vision.
  • 3) You won't hold Freewill.vision or its creators liable for the use of Freewill.vision by other creators.
    1. Freewill.vision and its creators are not liable for any currency sent from your Freewill.vision currency account.
    2. You are solely responsible for maintaining exclusive access to your Freewill.vision account with a secure password, device and internet network.
    3. Freewill.vision and its creators are not liable for your receipt of purchases or refunds from others. Please consider reviews and trade with caution.
  • 4) You won't trade Freewill enabled votes or voting rights.
  • 5) You won't use Freewill.vision to trade or share matters made by breaching copyright restrictions beyond permission from copyright creators.
  • 6) You won't use Freewill.vision to trade or share matters made by intentionally harming others beyond their permission or contrary to their most recent expressions.
  • 7) You won't use Freewill.vision to trade or share obscene or pornographic matters at this time, until such matters can be surely identified and optionally filtered.
  • 8) You won't intentionally deface or damage the presentation or functionality of Freewill.vision or access restricted information beyond authorised permission.
  • 9) Any profile information, matters or other information (e.g. highlights, reviews, connections) shared publically with Freewill.vision may be freely re-presented.
  • 10) Any currency you don't accept from the Freedom Fund may be re-distributed after 6 days, with all verified creators gaining access to an equal share of it again.
  • 11) If you violate these terms then you will adequately compensate affected creators for material and/or probability-weighted opportunity costs incurred as a consequence.
  • 12) You agree to receive system emails to your email address, with the option to unsubscribe from system emails.