Manifesting Well

There are many potential futures available for us. Our considerations and choices are keys we navigate this multiverse with.

Many of us want to live freely and considerately well together, sensing and choosing genuinely and intentionally with care and intelligence.

We are choosing to explore ways where we can live well beyond financial desperation and slavery, with growing community intelligence, by:

1. Balancing the restrictions we create when conditionally trading, by intentionally directing a share of sales to our Global Freedom Fund

2. Transcending financial desperation and creating more sense of discretion, affordable practical considerations, and more sense of potentials 

3. Sharing more sense of matters, including other connected matters, questions, statements, preferences and reasoning (community intelligence)

Creating Free Will exists to empower creators to live more freely and consciously well together, with created discretion beyond financial desperation and coercion.

We are enabling individuals and organizations to buy and sell with and encouraging sellers to direct some sales to our Global Freedom Fund for everyone.

All creators may access a free and equal share of currency from our Global Freedom Fund. Sales offers will list higher in our directory if more is shared with everyone.

Our intention is to empower each of us to live more freely together, to sense and share our preferences, and live more consciously, considerately, and intentionally well together!

Empowering Consciousness

Freewill enables us to live, create and share more freely and more consciously well with clearer sense of preferences and reasoning.

It’s easier to choose more life-loving ways that honor one-another and our environment when doing so doesn’t mean going hungry or require us to perform coerced labors. In a reality where many of us are pressured to perform labors in sometimes abusive & soul-compromising ways for currency to live, many of us are conditioned to be numb & sacrificial of higher soulful values (e.g. care of others, our environment, health, passions).

As we’re advancing, historically required labor is being increasingly automated, including construction, farming, transport, distribution, and much more. Such advancements can either liberate us, enabling each of us to live more freely and to perform creative labors with freewilling care & consideration, or gain coercive power and control with loss of soul. Let’s create a reality where creators thrive by sharing some sales with our Global Freedom Fund, co-creating freewill, rather than forcing one-another to labor for a living or to perish due to lack of currency and resources. With love.

Sharing Community Intelligence is designed to enable us to navigate matters with clear filters and transparent optional algarithms rather than secret for-profit algarithms.

Imagine clear community intelligence shared by all freewilling creators or shared by chosen peers for clearer sense of their views. Collective intelligence!

Advancing Democracy

All creators may like or dislike matters, and may also share conscious reasoning. This ability is used to vote for or against to the creation of governing policies and communal projects.

When considering community preferences regarding a particular matter, votes by each creator may be fairly multiplied by respective community consideration scores: