We acknowledge that our intentions and our choices are our keys, enabling us to navigate many potential timelines, available for us to consider.

As creators of, we are choosing to empower and enlighten each of us, to live more freely and intentionally together.

We are creating a Global Freedom Fund of currency from sales, for all creators to freely access an equal share every Sunday, creating Universal Income. enables us to clearly empower all creators with financial freedom, transcending financial coercion and enabling genuine care and creativity.

We look forward to a future where all creators are able to live freely and considerably well and with automation complimenting life rather than enslaving life.

Web-sight Creation​

Account creators are being enabled to buy and sell with Freewill,vision, and will be able to contribute 3% or more of sales to our Global Freedom Fund.

Every Sunday, all creators will receive an option to freely accept an equal share of currency from our Global Freedom Fund. A Real Universal Income! enables us to see what % of sales and purchases each individual account Creator and each Organisation is directing to our Global Freedom Fund -> Universal Income, so we can sense & support creators who are enabling us all to live more freely and move well beyond financial coersion.

We can live more freely and intentionally with, proactively by choosing to:

1. Direct some of our Freewill-verified sales to our Global Freedom Fund

2. Preference purchasing from creators who share more with our Global Freedom Fund

3. Encourage new creators to co-create our Universal Income and clearly grow beyond economic slavery (required labour for currency to live).