There are many potential futures available for us. Our considerations and our choices are the keys we co-exist with and navigate with. 

We want to live more freely and considerately well together, enabling all of us to live more genuinely and intentionally with our advancing humane society.

We can gradually create better ways of living and eventually live well together forever this way, intentionally by:

  1. Balancing the monetary sales we conditionally create, by intentionally directing some sales to our universal Freedom Fund
  2. Freedom Funding more sense of accessible community considerations and creative potentials rather than creating despirate trade-offs
  3. Sharing more sense of matters including community expressions, connections, potentials, preferences and reasoning (community intelligence)

Creation of Freewill primarily exists to empower each of us to live more freely and consciously well together.

We can sell and contribute some of our sales to our global Freedom Fund for everyone to access freely and equally. We can also sense and support other freedom funders in order to live more freely together. 

Freewill also enables us to navigate more clearly, considerately and consciously by enabling: 

  1. Clearer sense of matters, including community comments, questions, connections with other matters, shared preferences and optional shared reasoning
  2. Clear navigation options and results clearly driven by choices rather than secret algotithems programmed to maximise profits extracted from consumers

Conscious Creation Requires Choice

Freewill enables us to live, create and share more consciously and civilly with more advanced sense of preferences and reasoning.

It’s easier to pay more for harm-less options, and options that contribute positively to everyone’s environment, when the additional required currency does not mean that customers then have to go hungry or to perform undesired labours. In a reality where people systematically have to perform labour for currency simply to live, it’s obvious why many people are more inclined to become numb to and sacrificial of other values (e.g. others, our environment, health, passions).

As we’re advancing, historically required labour is being automated (including construction, farming, transport, sales, distribution, hospitality and more). Such advancements can either free humanity, enabling each of us to live freely and to perform labours with consent because of truly wanting to, or can be used to gain coercive power and control over more have-nots. We can live in a reality where the organisations that thrive are the (positively creative) organisations empowering all creators by contributing to our Global Freedom Fund, or fall to a reality where people are dominated by (apathetically parasitical) organizations forcing people to follow orders or perish due to lack of currency and resources. It’s our choice.