About Us

Freewill Empowers More Conscious Living

Freewill.vision exists primarily to empower all conscious account creators to live more freely and well together, with created discretion beyond financial desperation and coersion.

We are enabling individuals and organizations to buy and sell with Freewill.vision and to encourage and direct a percent of sales to our Global Freedom Fund, transcending poverty.

All creators can access a free and equal share of currency from our Global Freedom Fund.

All creators also gain a Creator’s Share of Freewill.vision with equal real-time voting ability.

Our key intention is to empower each of us to live more freely and considerately well together, to share our preferences, and to live more consciously and intentionally well together.

By encouraging sellers to contribute some sales to our Global Freedom Fund, with more sales, we are clearly empowering each of us to live well beyond financial coersion. This enables us to express more of our free and authentic beings, so we can create and share well, with positive reasoning including:

We are enabling each of us to live, create and share more sense-ably and intentionally.

Freewill.vision enables us to navigate matters with clear filters and with transparant optional algarithms rather than secret algarithms.

Voting, sense of community shared intelligence, options and direction of Freewill’s funds:

All creators of Freewill are able to like or dislike of matters, with the option to share reasoning. This can be used to vote for or contra to the creation and practice of projects and policies.

When considering community preferences, including organizational stakeholders, votes may be counted equally and/or multiplied by each voter’s proven sense of community shared intelligence:

Likewise, we can sense how well producers align with our preferences and can more intentionally choose which producers to fund and co-create reality with.

Regarding the distribution of Freewill’s net profits: After transparently paying for system costs (such as web-hosting, maintenance, development, payment-gateways and public relations), remaining discretionary funds gained from paid services (such as consensual promotion matching fees or sales fees) will be directed to our community Project Fund upon the completion of each calendar year. Each creator will have until the end of the new year to direct an equal share of currency from our Project Fund to any projects shared with Freewill.vision, and then remaining funds will be made equally directable again. Each creator’s profile will clearly show said creator’s decisions to direct funds, including how much has been directed to each fundable option.

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