About Us

Freewill Empowers More Conscious Living

Freewill.vision exists for each of us to live more freely and consciously well together.

We are enabling individuals and organizations to sell with Freewill and to direct some of the generated sales to our Global Freedom Fund. All creators are offered a free and equal share of currency from our Global Freedom Fund each Sunday.

By funding freedom and supporting others who fund freedom, we are clearly empowering each of us to live more freely together, clearly choosing to create freedom rather than slavery.

This freedom empowers us to express more of our authentic beings beyond economic desparation and coersion, so we can create and share well with more conscious reasoning.

Freewill Enables More Sensable Navigation

Freewill.vision enables us to navigate matters with clear filters and with transparant optional algarithms rather than secret algarithms.

Freewill Clarifies Community Preferences

By liking and disliking matters with optional reasoning, creators can effectively vote for or contra to the creation of projects and and practice of policies. 

Likewise, we can sense how well others align with our preferences and can more intentionally choose which producers to fund and co-create reality with