Direction & Plan

Our intentions and our choices are our keys to navigate many potential futures available for us.

We want and are choosing to empower and enlighten each of us, to live more freely and intentionally together.

We are creating a Freedom Fund of currency for all verified Freewill account creators to access an equal share of free currency every Sunday. enables us to empower all creators with financial freedom, transcending financial coersion and enabling more genuine creativity.

We look forward to a future where all creators are able to live well with creative options and with automation complimenting life rather than threatening it.

Websight Creation

Account creators are being enabled to buy and sell with Freewill, and will be able to contribute a percentage of sales to our Freedom Fund. Every Sunday, all creators will receive an option to freely accept an equal share of currency from our Freedom Fund. enables us to see what percentage of trade each individual and organisation is directing to everyone’s Freedom Fund, so we can more clearly support creators who are enabling us all to live more freely rather than being afflicted by despairation.

We can each live more freely and intentionally together with, more proactively and sooner by choosing to:

  1. Contribute to our Freedom Fund when able (with donations, and contributions from sales)
  2. Purchase from and support creators who are contributing more to our Freedom Fund
  3. Encourage more creators and organisations to support our creation of Freewill

Over time we will be able to graph the % of sales directed to our global Freedom Fund, by individuals, organisations, peer-groups, and by everyone. We will all be able to live, create and share more freely as this rises, with people becoming less despairate for more currency and having more practical sense of other values and reasons for creating and sharing matters with other creators, far beyond any need for more purchasing power/currency in order to survive and live well. is also designed like a searchable and browsable web-index, enabling us to:

  1. Share more provisions including services, requests, news, questions, petitions, policies and projects
  2. Highlight provisions and share reviews, to share more sense of what matters to us as well as how we feel and think
  3. Connect provisions to other provisions, as a way to share a broader sense of matters and to make more insightful and considerate choices
  4. Create projects, sense what projects others are contributing to, and empower other creators who are contributing to projects we want to bring to life